Fox Glacier, New Zealand, October 2014.   Photo by Andrew Knuckey.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand, October 2014.
Photo by Andrew Knuckey.


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creative direction / marketing / project management / design / photography

It’s funny how I couldn’t wait to get away from the country but I really miss the peace and quiet and wide open spaces. I grew up in central QLD on a hobby farm, before moving to Brisbane to study at uni. One day, I’ll probably live out in the sticks again, on a hobby farm where my wonderful husband Andrew will make cheese and I will milk the cows and have a dog and a cat and work as a freelance creative. Maybe. One can dream. (At the same time I really love the city, so….)

I’m a food and health fanatic. I have a rapidly growing collection of cookbooks; I can talk for hours on end about food; I’m always researching and reading and eating. One day I'll have a whole family that loves to talk about food, and cook, and play in the backyard. We will camp, we will explore the outdoors. We will see this wonderful wide world together.

I love old things. Collecting things. My personal taste is bright and eclectic. I can spend hours and hours in antique stores and second hand shops, now that I have my own place to buy for and to decorate. I’ve been known to spend ages in Bunnings…. but only when I’m looking at paint swatches. Or indoor plants.

My job at Ballistix defied a singular position description. It included marketing, QA, team leadership, brand development, creative direction, campaign planning, project management & scheduling, digital & print design and more. I never thought that I would be running a team of people, but once I found myself doing it, I discovered I love it. My first priority is a great work environment and a great bunch of people — I will happily promote anything from toilet cleaner to steam trap manufacturers if the workplace is good. To that end, I work hard to make sure that is my team's experience as well. My greatest achievements at Ballistix have been two-fold: firstly, client satisfaction, and secondly, the team growth and dynamic. 

Shaelah holds a post-graduate diploma in Business (Integrated Marketing Communication), a bachelor's degree in Creative Advertising Photography and a bachelor's in Visual Communication Design. She’s worked as a photographer, graphic designer, art director and in marketing for several big companies, but she has a passion for small business as well and has done a great deal of branding and photography work for people and companies who are just starting out.